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RateNet Travel API Hub

RateNet is an advanced travel redistribution API that enables clients consuming hotel, transfers and activities inventory to integrate a single API for each service.

For any online travel business, API integrations are vital as they define the available inventory of travel products on the brand website and allow for realtime availability. However integrating multiple suppliers can be a challenge due to the difference in the technology used by each travel supplier. RateNet is the answer to this challenge. With a single implementation per service, RateNet travel API clients can consume multiple API suppliers across hotels, transfers and activities. Qtechs RateNet team supports customers throughout the API integration process and monitors the API performance.

RateNet includes an easy to use extranet to allow hotels, activities and transfers providers to enter in their own rates. RateNet also allows OTRAMS customers to redistribute all the inventory including direct contracts in their inventory to third party travel systems.

With over 12 years of experience in travel technology, you can rest assured you have a reliable and competent API that is stable and monitored.

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