Integrate Multiple Supplier APIs Into One Stream

RateNet is an advanced travel redistribution API that enables our clients consuming hotels, transfers, and activities inventory to integrate multiple vendors into a single API for each service.

It overcomes the differences in technologies used by each travel inventory supplier and integrates them into a single stream for our clients. RateNet is an API hub that works at scale and reflects real-time availability of their entire inventory and pricing.

Simplify Your Supplier Feed

Built-In Extranet

RateNet features an incredibly easy to use extranet for all hotels, activities, and transfers providers. This allows them to enter their own rates on their brand website and showcases real-time availability.

Single Implementation Per Service

RateNet API Hub clients can consume multiple services across multiple vendors immediately after a single implementation per service. It’s is extremely quick and extremely reliable.

Inventory Redistribution

RateNet also allows OTRAMS customers to seamlessly redistribute all their inventory across multiple vendors, including direct contracts to third party travel systems.

Customer Support

The Qtech RateNet team supports all clients throughout the integration and certification process and monitors the API performance in real-time. They iron out all the kinks and ensure that clients have a robust and intuitive technological solution.

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RateNet is A Powerful API Hub

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Complete Online Documentation
Sandbox to check your API request and sample response in real time
Easy static data download process
Extranet to add your direct contracts
Simple flow representation for best use of API
Enhanced back office to check all the booking
BI report to get business insights
API dashboard to have broader insights on API performance
Pricing profile to setup markup for suppliers
Mid office Reports

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Integrate with multiple suppliers on any platform!

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The ability to showcase real-time availability of travel products on their brand website is crucial for any online travel business. Using multiple suppliers for inventory can be a challenge due to the differences in the technology involved. RateNet is the answer to this challenge.

RateNet API hub helps travel companies overcome the integration challenges of their existing software solutions. It consumes multiple supplier APIs across hotels, transfers, and activities and helps them continuously monitor performance.

Qtech has over 15+ years of experience in expertise within the travel technology industry. You can trust our travel API hub to be robust, secure, and reliable.