Manage your Hajj & Umrah tours business with efficiency

ConnectUmrah provides an end-to-end solution for Hajj & Umrah travel companies

Manage your Hajj & Umrah tours business with efficiency

Connect Umrah provides an end-to-end solution for Hajj & Umrah travel companies

What is ConnectUmrah?

ConnectUmrah is a pioneering Hajj and Umrah Software. It is instrumental in helping travel companies start Hajj and Umrah booking services.
  • It is designed for Hajj & Umrah tours
  • Book hotels, transportation and ground services in real time
  • Experience easy and fast booking experience
  • Multilingual software available in Arabic and English
  • Easy re-direction to e-Visa System in B2C with BRN
What does Connect Umrah do?

What does Connect Umrah do?

Connect Umrah is a top choice software that can help you deliver excellent and smooth services for traveler to Hajj and Umrah
  • Integration with Maqam GDS that facilitates bookings
  • B2B and B2C Booking Processes
  • Easy creation of Agents and Sub-Agents
  • Features that let users manage rules, mark-ups and discounts
  • Connection with global suppliers
  • Payment through Ministry E-wallet and Agent IBAN Number

What are the features of Connect Umrah

Transportation Booking Engine
Transportation Booking Engine
Ground Services Booking
Ground Services Booking
Secure Cloud Hosting
Secure Cloud Hosting
PCI / DSS Compliance
PCI / DSS Compliance
Role Based Access
Role Based Access
Multilingual (Arabic English)
Multilingual (Arabic & English)
Omnichannel Access (Mobile + Web)
Omnichannel Access (Mobile + Web)
Content Management System
Content Management System
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

For B2B booking

  • For companies and individuals that provide B2B booking process
  • Make bookings for up to 49 Pax in a single booking
  • Share quotations with partners / end customers
  • Mark-up options available for agents and sub-agents

For B2C booking

  • Book Multiple Products at once and generate Booking Reference Numbers (BRN) for all bookings
  • Get visa link by generating pending BRNs and update them under failed bookings
  • Easy re-direction to e-visa system after successful booking
Hotel Booking for Umrah
Book hotels as per the guidelines of Hajj and Umrah.
  • Generate BRN
  • Book multiple rooms and groups
  • All suppliers are connected with the hotel booking system
Booking Transportation for Umrah
Provide transportation services for all Umrah passengers.
  • Generate BRN for transportation
  • Add markup
  • Add preferred vehicle type
Ground Services for B2C Umrah Booking
Offer ground services packages from approved suppliers.
  • Generate BRN
  • Show Ground Service Packages in a single feed
  • Easy search, filter & Booking Process for B2C Customers

Why Connect Umrah

  • Certified by Ministry of Hajj & Umrah
  • Apt for Umrah Operators (UO) and External Agents (EA)
  • Created by Middle East’s Leading Travel ERP Technology Provider 2017 – 2020
  • Excellent After sales service

Get the complete Booking Software for Hajj & Umrah travels with Connect Umrah

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