A simple way to re-verify your travel bookings

Booking errors can eat away your profit and wreck brand reputation. You can safeguard both of these by ensuring error-free booking with rePUSHTI
  • rePUSHTI is a re-verifies booking with technology at helm
  • It is a cloud platform that completely automates your booking re-verification process
  • It costs only $1 per re-verification, there are no hidden charges
  • Users get accurate and comprehensive re-verification of bookings through rePUSHTI’s AI powered engine.

What rePUSHTI does ?

Re-verifies booking and ensures that there are no booking errors
Uses technology to re-verify bookings that are confirmed
Reduces chances of booking errors and mismatches
Improves customer experience

How does rePUSHTI work ?

At rePUSHTI we use a unique combination
of man and machine for the best results

Who should use ?

Travel companies that aim to provide error-free and
excellent customer service should use rePUSHTI
  • Travel Agents
  • OTA
  • Travel Companies
  • Tour Operators
  • Wholesaler / Consolidators
  • Event Management Companies

Improve customer experience
with rePUSHTI

  • Save time and resources
  • Utilize your time & resources for business gains
  • Travel Companies
  • Save money
  • Error-free Re-verification through technology
  • Over 50+ parameters checked

Our Clients

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The State of Re-verification

  • Brief introduction to booking error and booking mismatch
  • Process of reverification
  • A breakdown of these re-verifications (Country, Language, Suppliers)
  • Timeline of booking reverification
  • Re-verification report for 2021-2022
  • Understanding the causes of booking errors
  • What rePUSHTI does to reduce booking errors
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