Google Analytics is the worlds best free analytics solution for websites. By using analytics, service will help in making your online travel business more aware, efficient, and ultimately more profitable. It is all about measurement, collection, analysing and reporting of the traffic received on your online travel website in easy to read and actionable reports and using this data in taking actions to improve search engine ranking for the website.

Google Analytics can help clients:

  • Monitor site visitors in real time
  • Track pages of entry and exit
  • Find out where visitors are coming from
  • Find out which browsers and platforms are used to access the website
  • Find out which keywords are pulling in more visitors
  • Tie back to email and banner campaigns and measure response
  • Discover referral links providing the most traffic
  • Monitor the website bounce rate

The team at Qtech can help you integrate Google Analytics or Omniture into the travel website to analyse and gauge this data. The analytics integration works seamlessly with the web and mobile interfaces of the online travel reservation and management system OTRAMS, and coupled with the business intelligence reports built into OTRAMS, gives customers a wholesome overview of their online travel business.

To find out how our Google Analytics integration into travel websites can benefit your online travel business, get in touch with us here.

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