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Having been in the travel industry for over 17 years, Qtech Software and OTRAMS have been a familiar name to many of us. Through this initiative we want provide a voice to all the amazing folks working in the travel industry who make our dream holidays possible.

Through this podcast we want to create conversations about all the latest developments in the travel industry and travel technology. We would be inviting industry leaders, our partners, and customers to share their insights and stories.

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Things to know, while building a Destination Management Company

In this episode, we shall take a look at, how to build a successful destination management company (DMC) business. This episode takes a deeper look into destination management companies or DMC. You will learn how to set your DMC apart from the competition. Building a successful DMC business involves various factors. This episode is a helpful guide for those who are seeking information on this subject.

Here are the topics we will cover:


What will set your DMC apart from the rest?

Key aspects to focus on while building your DMC business

Factors that support building a successful DMC business

If you are a DMC, the success of your business depends upon how well your customer’s needs are met. Connect with our experts to find out how OTRAMS can help you create a powerful, scalable and profitable DMC business.

OTRAMS has the most powerful DMC software that is designed to increase productivity, improve business function and overall management.

All of which boosts profit and grows business. To know more, schedule a meeting with our experts or visit us at

Guide to GDS - Integrate Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo on your Travel Portal

Hello! And Welcome to this episode of the podcast by Qtech Software.

This is part 2 of our podcast on Global Distribution System (GDS). In the first part of the episode, we spoke about the workings of GDS.

We also covered the importance of GDS system and its relevance to the travel agents. We briefly touched upon how to integrate GDS into your travel website.

In part two, we will touch upon:

how travel companies can integrate leading GDS like Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo into their travel website.

Here are the topics we will cover in this episode:


How can you integrate SABRE GDS on your website?

What is the procedure to integrate Galileo GDS into a travel booking website?

How to integrate Amadeus GDS in your Online Travel Portal?

In today’s era, having a GDS system and online presence is very important. It helps you offer competitive pricing and service.

Therefore, it is essential for any travel company to immediately facilitate a GDS system if they have not yet.

Qtech Software is the authorized developer partner for Sabre and Amadeus GDS. If you wish to integrate these GDS into your system, get in touch with us.

Have you checked out the Flight Reservation System on OTRAMS? One of the most advanced flight booking engines with connectivity to all major GDS and LCC. If not, do check it out on

Understanding the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) in Travel Industry


This episode is a complete guide on Global distribution system (GDS) in Travel Industry. This is part one of the topic and it deals with

What a GDS is? How it works? Its importance and relevance in the travel industry. We have also discussed how travel companies can integrate GDS into their travel website.

Here are the topics we will cover today:

Function of GDS in the Travel Industry

Why do Travel Agents Need Access to GDS Systems

How do you Integrate GDS into your Travel Website

OTRAMS by Qtech Software is world’s leading travel ERP platform that can power your business with the best of technology.  To know more schedule a meeting with our experts or visit us at

You can read the full transcript of this podcast at this link:

How can Travel Agency benefit from Online Travel Software?

We’ll look at how travel agencies can benefit from using travel software in this episode. Travel technology has enabled the travel and tourism industry to reach new heights. Technology has also enhanced business function in ways that were previously unimaginable. In this podcast, we take a look at the complete benefits of travel agencies having powerful online travel software.

Here are the topics covered in this episode:

Need for an online portal  ·

What is online travel software?

Key features and functions you can leverage

Benefits your travel business can derive

How can B2B Travel Companies, improve revenues from Hotel Booking?

To become the preferred B2B travel portal of a travel agent, start by solving the issues they face and offer anything that adds value to their business.

Travel agents rely on B2B Travel Operators for their business needs. Attracting them to your offers is the first part, but to keep them is a bigger challenge. Every travel agent typically has 3 to 5 logins from various B2B travel portals.

In this episode we will be talking about how B2B travel companies can improve their revenues through hotel booking. Within the B2B travel business, there are various methods for travel companies to boost their income!

EP 3 Part 2 - Role of Technology in Travel Business

Ft. Bhavesh Oza, Blue Star Air Travel Services

In this episode, we continue our chat with Mr Bhavesh Oza of Bluestar Air Travel ServicesBlue Star is a long standing customer of Qtech Software.

In this episode, He, talks about:
  • Outlook for the Corporate Travel Sector
  • The Potential of Indian Aviation Market
  • Role of Technology in Travel Business
  • 3 Key Technology Trends to look forward to

Listen to this power packed conversation now!

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EP 3 - Running a Successful OTA

Ft. Bhavesh Oza, Blue Star Air Travel Services

In this episode, we speak to Mr Bhavesh Oza of Bluestar Air Travel ServicesBlue Star is a long standing customer of Qtech Software.

Bhavesh has been instrumental in the rapid growth of Bluestar by adoption of technology and new services. He orchestrated the rise from 3000 travel agents to 35000+ travel agents today.

In the Part 1 of the episode, He talks about the pandemic, its impact and what the outlook looks like for domestic, international, leisure and corporate travel. Bhavesh also provides some solid advice to Travel Agents. 3 key things, every Travel Agent must do to get more business at the window.

EP 2 - How can Your Travel Business Evolve in 2021?

2021 has brought a renewed hope for the travel industry with over 50% of the countries opening up their domestic tourism sector. The pent-up demand for holidays and travel is now being realized.

However, it is imperative for travel businesses to also embrace the changes that are now becoming and acceptable norm.

In this episode, we visit the new developments in the travel sector and how can agencies incorporate them. And to take us through this, we have Priyanka Prabhu with us.

EP 1 - Innovations that empower travel companies and agents in their road to recovery

In this podcast, Santosh Kirodian talks about how Travel Companies can leverage OTRAMS as their preferred technology platform to achieve their business objectives. You can get to know more about topics like B2C Travel Portal, Flight Booking Engine, Loyalty Program, Direct Contracting and API redistribution in this episode.

Gearing up with new features and functionalities that provide extra arsenal to our customer and travel companies in their road to recovery.

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