2022 Wrapped!

2022- Wrapped Qtech software

2022 has been a year of revival, optimism, and validation for us in many ways. As we move on to 2023, we reflect on everything we learned and how it shapes the future to come. This was a year of investigating concepts and possibilities and we found ourselves richly rewarded by enthusiastic responses. As the world’s leading travel technology provider, we were instrumental in helping travel companies around the world capitalize on the growing needs and demands of their customer by aiding them with technology that supports them perfectly.    

We welcomed the revival of the travel industry post its slump and helped businesses find their footing once again. The number of people traveling has increased, helping the business boom. Post-pandemic, we diversified from one product organization to multiple business units. 2022 has been the year where we scaled up these businesses. We had a positive response from our latest ventures like rePUSHTI and Bizinso and this validated our business ideas.   

Key Partnerships

Our partners played a vital role in our business endeavors.

Expedia, World’s largest travel company and Qtech Software formed an alliance to provide a platform for travel business to scale faster, access powerful technology and great content. This will play a crucial role in helping travel companies grow faster.  

Other Key Partners – Giata, DerbySoft, Mystifly, Amadeus, Sabre. 

Our flagship product OTRAMS has diversified to meet the business demand and help the travel world acclimatize to the world of digital technology.   

Product Highlights

OTRAMS Enterprise
With OTRAMS Enterprise, we have seen growth, gains, and fortitude as business mold themselves into a stronger version of themself.  

The performance has been truly remarkable.   

Travel Erp Solution

0 +

Total No. of bookings

0 + Million USD

Total Value of the booking

0 +

Total No. of agents

New Suppliers – Hyperguest, Infinitehotel, GRN G2, Ottila, Dida Holidays and Withinearth. 

New features launched this year – Docusign integration, Amadeus XML OUT, Events module, GSA service-wise markup, Payfort Refund API, Vat module, Meal basis filter, Elastic search & Sabre XML Out.


OTRAMS Go was introduced to ease the pain point of travel businesses that wanted to go digital. We introduced industry’s first Build Now Pay Later travel ERP platform. It has been a resounding success and has received approval of travel businesses around the world.    

OTRAMS Go Buy Now Pay Later

0 +

Total No. of bookings

0 + Million USD

Total Value of the booking

0 +

Total No. of agents

New Suppliers – Smyrooms, RateHawk, GoGlobal Travel, Illusions, Stripe, Fiesta, Hotelmize, FIT Ruums.

New features launched this year – SEO Manager tool, Hyperlinking images in CMS, Dynamic Search Results, Adding fixed mark-up on payment gateways, Displaying currency & language based on visitor IP.  


Technology has had a profound impact on all aspects of the travel business and this has pushed us to look for ways to improve profit. rePUSHTI was introduced in 2021 to help travel companies improve their business by avoiding booking errors. Since its launch, rePUSHTI has enjoyed tremendous success.  

Here is how 2022 was for rePUSHTI.   

repushti_booking reverified

0 +

Total No. of bookings re-verified

0 +

Total No. of unique hotels reached


No. of Countries verified bookings


New Customers acquired


No. of languages bookings


Bizinso was launched in 2021 with aim of providing custom software solution.  

A glimpse into the world of Bisinzo in 2022.

Customers we served in 2022
Bluestar Air Travel, Comet Industries, Book
The World, My Watch Merchant, Travbiz & Vitraag Fabrics.   

bizinso_business intelligence software

New solutions we introduced in 2022

  • Bizinso CRM – AI-enabled Customer Relationship Management Software that helps the business make strategic, operational, and collaborative decisions.  
  • Bizinso OKR – Objective Key Result Software is a performance management system that helps the business improve its performance, track and manage results and achieve the objective.   
  • Bizinso OMS – Order Management System is a software developed to track, manage and execute orders in specific business operations.   
  • Bizinso DA – Data Analytics software generates comprehensive business reports that help the business make data-driven decisions.   
  • Bizinso Marketplace– This is an omnichannel platform that connects service providers with vendors.  
  • Robotic Process Automation– Robotic Process Automation is a software that automates time-consuming and repetitive business processes.  

New Partnerships – RazorPay, Enablex.

We marked our presence

We reached out to the world of travel by attending global travel events.

ATM – Dubai – Qtech Software was one of the key exhibitors at ATM 2022. 

We attended – SATTE Travel Expo (Delhi), OTM (Mumbai), WTM (London). 

17 years of qtech software

Our journey of 17 years has pushed us to innovate, introduce and implement technology that serves the travel business better. We are proud of our work so far and are excited about the future.  

New Faces – A passionate and motivated team of experts are at the core of everything we do. We welcomed more such talented, bright minds to our Qtech family. We have grown from 130 employees to 180+.  

We are grateful to our customers, partners, suppliers, and well-wishers, who have all played a vital role in this journey

We end this year on a high note, buoyed by our success, humbled by our learning, and motivated by the limitless possibilities’ future has to offer.   

We eagerly await a brighter and more exciting 2023!  

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