Best Hotel Channel Managers to Consider for Your Travel Business

best hotel channel managers

An online travel business can acquire content or inventory through three different sources. API integration with popular hotel suppliers, direct contract with hotels and hotel channel managers. If you are looking to sell a chain of hotels, channel managers are a handy integration for you.  

Today we shall take a deep dive at how hotel channel managers play an important role in the travel business and the popular ones that you can choose for your business.  

What is a Hotel Channel Manager?

Hotel channel managers facilitate the distribution of hotel inventory across different booking sites. A hotel can connect its CRS with a channel manager. Channel managers ensure that inventory is distributed worldwide to all online suppliers and travel companies. Travel companies that want to source content directly from a chain of hotels should choose channel managers.      

Hotel chains are usually in high demand among travel companies. It is common for them to request special rates from hotel chains. Through a channel manager, they can source the entire content for these hotels. The channel manager is used by suppliers as well as hotels to push real-time availability to all stakeholders.      

Travel companies are contracted with multiple hotels. Travel companies need to ensure that availability and pricing are automatically updated on their website. This is where channel managers come in handy. Whenever a user searches for a hotel on your website, the content will be served locally, but pricing and availability will be obtained from channel managers.   

Here are the best hotel channel managers you should consider associating with for your business.   


DerbySoft is one of the most popular channel managers with 240,000 hotels globally. They have over 400+ integrated partners and 750+ global connections. Distributors and suppliers of all sizes can gain access to over 750 DerbySoft partners by connecting through DerbySoft’s Streamlined Connectivity.   

With Streamlined Connectivity, hotels and travel companies can use the most advanced technology seamlessly and efficiently. Travel companies can benefit by partnering DerbySoft to access content for a wide range of inventory and information through them.   

derbySoft hospitality tech company
logo of siteminder hotel commerce platform


SiteMinder is one of the world’s most powerful and smart hotel channel managers. More than 33,000 accommodations, large and small, worldwide use it. Their services include optimizing distribution and driving revenue across the broadest range of booking channels. There are more than 35,000 hotels that use SiteMinder every year, and there are more than 2 million reservations made through it every year.   

In addition to offering a CRM, the service includes inventory management, group reservations, and rate management features. Associating with a powerful channel manager like SiteMinder allows travel companies access to travel content worldwide, allowing them to offer great inventory to their customers.   


RezGain is RateGain’s Smart Distribution channel manager. With this tool, rates and inventory can be distributed across more than 1500 channels. With over a decade of experience, RezGain manages billions of ARI updates and millions of reservations per year.   

With access to more than 250,000 Hotels, it automates mapping and customer support to simplify distribution. Travel companies can discover and connect with hotel content seamlessly to boost their revenue.   

logo of RateGain hotel channel manager software
hotel distribution service DHISCO


DHISCO is a hotel channel manager and is a part of RateGain. They offer powerful technology, robust connectivity, and easy access to customers and distributors. DHISCO Inc. provides innovative distribution technology to enable hotel bookings worldwide. Over 100,000 hotels and 300-plus hotel chains in over 200 countries use the company’s advanced connectivity and distribution solutions.   

With more than eight billion transactions a month, DHISCO has established a reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for marketing, capturing, and booking hotel reservations. All of this is great for travel companies, allowing them to source content easily for a wide range of inventory.   


STAAH Group has a global footprint of over 10,000 properties, operating in New Zealand, Australia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, the UK, and Europe. A wide range of advanced features is available, including channel performance analytics, top 5 competitor tracking (RateSTalk), bulk updates, etc. STAAH also has a Mobile App, making it accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

The STAAH Channel Manager is suitable for properties of all sizes, so travel companies can access all types of properties content by partnering with it. 

Staah channel management software
RateTiger hospitality management platform


RateTiger channel manager is a cloud-based solution that offers real-time channel connectivity. With over 450 distribution channels, including global and regional OTAs, tour operators, GDS, and metasearch engines, it offers a wide range of distribution options.   

It delivers reservations from multiple OTAs directly to the hotel PMS. Their features such as an easy-to-use dashboard, hassle-free onboarding process, and multilingual customer support contribute to their popularity. Travel companies can serve their customers better with hotel content sourced through RateTiger.   

Digital Hotelier

Digital Hotelier is part of Cendyn. Digital Hotelier Channel Manager offers access to over 1,500 hotel distribution channels. The system is fully compliant with PCI DSS and GDPR and supports two-way integration with over 330 different PMS and CRS platforms.   

Digital Hotelier makes bookings more profitable with promotions management, automated rules-based yield optimization, and common pool inventory. Connecting with Digital Hotelier can let travel companies access content for the hotels they are connected with.   

digital hotelier channel manager
HyperGuest technology platform


HyperGuest is a channel manager that provides a digital platform that connects accommodation providers and travel providers. HyperGuest provides travel providers with direct access to a variety of accommodation providers.   

By connecting hotels directly with travel service providers, HyperGuests enables hotels to reach travelers. They offer excellent customer experience, an efficient process, and better business opportunities. Access to real-time information and hotel content through HyperGuest makes it possible for travel companies to serve their customers better.   


SynXis is a part of Sabre and a channel manager. Using it, hotels can distribute to over 400 digital channels worldwide as well as all the major global distribution systems (GDS). Rates, restrictions, and availability are automatically distributed by RoomKeyPMS via SynXis. Reservation information is automatically entered into RoomKeyPMS when reservations are made.   

Connecting with SynXis allows travel companies to have access to the content of some of the best hotels and properties of all sizes. 

synXis reservations management solution
Hotel Runner online sales and channel management


HotelRunner is a channel manager that provides hotels with online sales channels. Hotels can maximize their online presence, enhance their occupancy rates without any risks of overbooking, and reach potential guests globally. Hotel runner makes it possible for hotels to market themselves worldwide.   

They are present in 193 countries and 2306 cities. Through HotelRunner, travel companies can have access to 63444 hotels. Access to their content makes it possible for travel companies to serve their customers better.   

Key Takeaways  

  • The best channel manager for Indian region is STAAH.  
  • Best channel manager for American regions are RezGain, DHISCO. 
  • SiteMinder is best suited for APAC region.  
  • HyperGuest, DerbySoft are most suited for Europe. 

Integration with channel managers is not just useful, but also advantageous for travel agents and companies. Travel companies can integrate with multiple channel managers and offer their customers a variety of choices. Their business benefits from the range of properties that come with the access to inventory that channel managers bring them.    

OTRAMS by Qtech Software is partnered with all of the above-listed channel managers and more. OTRAMS has both the expertise and technology needed to power your travel business.

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