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B2B Travel Software

b2b travel software
OTRAMS by Qtech is a revolutionary business-to-business (B2B) online travel software that has yielded results for over 42 travel companies across the globe. Aggregation and distribution of inventory through a stable travel management system is the key to achieving success. Qtech has worked with multiple API providers of travel services, having integrated over 136 travel APIs across multiple services. The [...]
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Hotel Mapping with Unica and OTRAMS: Webinar

hotel mapping Unica and OTRAMS
Hotel Mapping is major challenge for the travel industry. Travel Companies and OTA need to consolidate their feed so they are not showing duplicate results or booking incorrectly mapped hotel which incurs losses. Our Customers have been demanding an integrated Hotel mapping Solution which provides highly accurate data and flexibility to choose the right supplier for every property. Qtech Software [...]
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